Injection Mold Part Design Guide

It’s may not easy to design the optimal injection molded parts. So Pro Mould has made a guide to help you identify and address the most difficult issues when designing your injection molded parts. The links below with practical tips will help you design the optimal parts. Pls click on the boxes below to navigate to the resource of your choice

Draft Wall Thickness Parting-line & Parting-face

Tooling Gates & Runners Hinge & Snaps

Ribs & Bosses Sink & Warp Weld Lines

Flash Undercuts Tolerances

Surface Finishes Text on Parts Threading

Overmolding Insert Molding

Need More Support?

At Pro Mould, our aim is to give the design engineer all the tools needed to make a fast, educated decision. That is why we have assigned a technical team to all of our customers. We believe the fastest way to market is to prevent issues in the early stages of the process. If you’re ready to begin, contact us today.


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