Design Resources for Injection Molding

Pro Mould’s Resources area is where you will find for tools, tips, and educational materials to help you design your parts using best practices for optimal Injection Molding.

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Click on the links below to navigate to the resource of your choice. From our materials lists to our Design for Manufacturing guides and instructional webinars, we think you’ll find these resources to be a valuable addition to your knowledge base.

Plastic Material &Shrinkage rate list

Design Guide for Injection Molding

Design Guide for Manufacturing

The Injection Molding Process

The Injection Molding Terminology


Designing for Manufacturability

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Pro Mould has served the quick-turn, plastic injection molding industry. With the advancement of in-house technologies, we now offer CNC machining and  injection molding& assemble Services in addition to our core injection molding service.

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