PRO MOULD has a number of vigorous, forget ahead young people, they keep on chasing the advanced production technology in mould making area, with full passion and the professional CAD/CAE/CAM system operation skill. With their effort, PRO MOULD now rises in the annual value of 1.5 million USD per year. capability/Design Department
Pro Mould has 22 designers, among them 6 are senior, all of them are working here over 10 years, they clear how company running, know all standards, and most customer’s requirement, so on PRO MOULD you will feel so easy to communicate, so easy to get a professional plastic mould technology suggestion, here we assist you to do analysis work in advance, like DFM, Mold flow Analysis on before design start.
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For years, with continuous updating of technology and perfecting management system, Pro Mould has accumulated rich technology and experience in mould designing, processing, running and injection and gained the certification of ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949.

1. Quality Assurance
ISO9001 and TS16949 certificate of Quality System Certification图片

2.Tooling Technical图片

3.Mould Assembling Workshop

Pro mould has a full set of processing equipment to ensure the entire processing of mould carried out quickly and smoothly.
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Spotting machine图片
3D Coordination measurement machine图片

图片+++Italy Fidia with 5 axes, Quik-ject, Makino High-Speed CNC (Processing mould optical surface), DMG High-Speed CNC (Processing high-precision sliders and lift blocks), Large Planer-type Milling Machine ensures the quality of the injection mould and high precision

图片 Three-coordinates measuring machine can ensure the precision of electrode and part processing, the Tool touch sensor can ensure the precision of machine finishing.

图片Twin Spark Machine and Mirror Spark Machine ensure the processing of large mould high precision

图片 Die Spotting Machine can use for 3200*3200mm, weight 20 tons’ mould, ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the mould collision.

5. equipment list