Design for Manufacturability (DFM), or a more specific analysis of a part design for its suitability to being injection molded, is performed to achieve the following

PRO MOULD performs a manufacturability analysis on each injection molding project.  Upon receiving a quote request and an appropriate 3D design file, we will perform an initial analysis to be sure that the requested component is an appropriate candidate for injection molding. Our objective is to produce the component as closely as possible to the original design intent, however in some instances, modifications are needed to accommodate the fundamental requirements of good injection molding practice. In these cases, we will discuss with the client suggested improvements to the design or measures we may need to take in the production process, prior to initiating the mold production process.  This provides our customers with cost savings by minimizing tooling costs and design changes upfront and reduces overall project time.
Our online design guidelines for injection molding can be downloaded below. Should our clients have questions on current or future projects they are encouraged to contact our sales engineers to review specific questions, or to log in to one of our regular webinars.

Manufacturability Resources

Designing For Moldability & Manufacturability

The difference between moldability and manufacturability may seem subtle, but the reality is that understanding it better can have an impact on your part development.

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