About Pro Mould

PRO MOULD is top-of-the-line and catered to building high-quality plastic injection moulds with a speed lead time of Chinese mould makers, We have over 20 years of experience in the development of plastic products.

Our design and mould-making team can take your idea and create it into a 3D CAD file using CATIA, Solidworks, and NX modelling software. We then design the mould and adjust it for the type of material for your specific application. From there we use state-of-the-art software such as Mastercam and Surfcam to machine the plates with high-precision CNC mills to build your mould.

“At PRO MOULD, we build more than injection moulds and plastics, we build trust and mould relationships that you can count on.”

Meet the Team

We have a highly skilled team who can provide precision work, and quality end products with speed to market for you and your customer company.

Our mould-making process uses many materials to build a quality mould. Here is a list of some of the materials and their uses and versatilities:

Pre-hardened P20,718,1.2738 mould steel- this material is easy machining and the mould does not need to go through a hardening stage. It holds good tolerances without heat changes in tool steel hardening.

Tool Steels H13, NAK80, 1.2344, Stainless Steel- All these tool steels have to be hardened after machining to maintain optimum Rockwell Hardness. These different types of steels are primarily used for slides, cores and where durable strength is needed in the mould tool.

Copper- Used a lot of times for core pulls, slides and wherever there is motion inside the mould. Has optimum durability when used in friction with parts.


PRO MOULD is also equipped with High-speed CNC Mills, a Double-head EDM sinker, wire EDM, a surface grinder and a polishing station. We take great pride in our work and aim to make your product work to your expectations.

Our most significant advantage is Professional technique, Reasonable price and Timely delivery.

What We Do

We offer solutions for plastic injection mould upon requirement and budget plan with timely service.

Mould Making

20+ years of experience in Design& manufacturing plastic injection moulds & blowing moulds.

Injection Molding & Assembly

20 sets of Injection machines from 120Ton~3000Ton can produce different sizes of items

Why Choose Pro Mould

Our one-stop service covers every stage of our cooperation, From before sales technology consultation to mould maintenance support.


100+ Staffs

1800+ Square meters area                 30+ Advanced Equipment  Machines


20+ years Experiences on Mould Design, Manufacturing and project management.


Pro owned 30+sets of CNC equipments, Hardness testing device; CMM ; Die spotting machines and 20+sets injection machines


We listen to our customers’ objectives and formulate a project plan best suited to achieve the desired end result


Pro Achieved ISO9001:2000 & ISO/TS16949 Quality certifications

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee quality and support,
before during and after the making of each mould

Purchasing Steps

Your quote team will compose sales Rep and Technical Specialist, based upon customer feedback, we give a seamless process from a quote all the way through to parts manufacturing. Our Technical Specialists are highly experienced in all areas of the plastic injection molding process. From design tips to material selection suggestions, getting a quote from us is straight forward.  We listen to our customers’ objectives and formulate a project plan best suited to achieve the desired end result.  we help our customers to manage all aspects of their projects.

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