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All you need to do is submit the design of the Product to us, Our professional team and state-of-the-art machines can quickly milling it in 7weeks and sending you Test sample for free.

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Supply The Best Mould &
Injection Molding Service 20 years

Taizhou Pro Mould has experienced 20 years of development and has accumulated very rich experience in mold manufacturing.

After technical updates in recent years, Taizhou Pro Mould has focused its main direction on automotive plastic parts, such as bumper mould, and car lamp mould, and at the same time assisting in the manufacture of crate and pallet  mould, home appliance mould, table, and chair mould, and at the same time Some customers will also customize the production of blowing mould and products…Read more

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Bumper Mould

Big size mould

Instrument Mould

complex structure mould

Grill Mould

chrome parts mould

Vehicle Mudgard Mould

Fender Mould

Thin wall parts mould

Lamp Mould

complex structure mould

Motorcycle parts Mould

complex instruction

Pallet Mould

Different kinds of Pallet Mould

Crate Mould

Logistics or fruit crate

home appliance mould5

Other Plastic Mould

Home appliance parts ELECTRIC parts

Our Working Process


DFM Analysis & Quote

Your sales Rep. & Technical team will do part mouldability & manufacturability analysis for each Part, and give you a reasonable cost.


Mold-flow Analysis & Design

Your engineering team will do mold-flow analysis on plastic parts to decide the location of the injection gate, part thickness, injection pressure, and hot runner choice.


Machining Processing

Your Processing team will review the mould 3D and make sure it is ready for the manufacturing process and give machining&assemble step by step.


Testing & Injection Molding

Your technical team gives mould testing, checks Molded Components to Meet Your Project Requirements, and moves to mass production or gives mould shipment.

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Let Our engineers help you analyze a project, and figure out how much the mould costs. Get your project started now!

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Our Services

We offer solutions both for plastic injection mould & Blowing mould upon requirement and budget plan with timely service.

Mould Making

Making moulds is our main service, we provide Plastic injection moulds, Blowing moulds and Die-casting moulds.

Injection Molding & Assembly

We can do injection moulding and assembly work for you after the mould is ready if you are needed.

Industry Partners

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One-stop service

Pro Mould is your one-stop resource for custom plastic injection molding solutions from Idea–design– mass production–assemble– delivery.

Design for Manufacturability Analysis

Pro Mould performs a manufacturability analysis on each injection moulding project to Minimize Tooling Costs and Reduce Design Changes.

Mold Flow Analysis

Pro Mould is committed to giving your product perfect, we do mold-flow-analysis to save you money, time and stress by avoiding costly design errors before they happen.

Mold Life Guarantee

We provide a 1-year quality-free guarantee and lifetime technology support with every standard injection moulds.

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